Nostalie Ya Mboka


Nostalgie Ya Mboke will feature stand up comedy which will see some great performers take stage and showcase their talents


From the older to the new generation, nostalgie ya Mboka festival will make sure all are entertained. With music from all genres and performances which will blow your mind, this is a festival not to miss


For this yrear’s festival, Nostalgie Ya Mboka will feature a vast variety of different cultural food and art. If you are a bit of a foodie or you just enjoy art, this is an event not to miss

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About the Festival

Nostalgie Ya Mboka is a free celebration of African music and culture, taking place bi-annually in Birmingham. With too many negative representations of entrenched in images of war, disease, poverty and famine. Nostalgie Ya Mboka Festival seeks to showcase and highlight the fantastic range of cultures, food, fashion, music and arts that make the African continent one of the most vibrant and inspiring in the world.


Exceptional Comedy on the day by HANS LUZOLO

One of the best stand comedian to come from Africa, Hans will surely entertain on the day. If you are into comedy, do not forget to turn

the venue

PlayFootball Birmingham Indoor, 20 Great King St North, Birmingham, B19 2LF